Service Learning at Hope | It's more than volunteering!

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Community Advisory Committee

Service Learning in Action!

Hope’s CommUnity Advisory Committee is a perfect example of our Service Learning philosophy in action! This group of 28 dedicated and committed leaders is composed entirely of people who first came to Hope CommUnity Center as participants in one or more of our programs. Seeking a way to give back to the community and to share their life-changing experiences with others, the group formed the Community Advisory Committee.

An Important Source of CommUnity Input

The purpose of CAC is to assist and make recommendations to the staff and board at HCC. In essence, the Committee lets us know how well Hope is living up to its mission! The group meets regularly to identify and discuss these matters, and CAC’s six sub-committees facilitate decision making and coordination with HCC programs and activities.cac and Luis

Hope Couldn’t Do It Without Them!

The CommUnity Advisory Committee is a wonderful force for communication in our community, enthusiastically spreading the word about HCC events and services. And their hands, heart, and smiles are a huge factor in the success of important HCC events such as the Toy Sale, Community Festivals (Kermes), Posadas, Yard Sales, and religious ceremonies and practices.

Thank you, CommUnity Advisory Committee members!