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Kids Camp

Hope CommUnity Center offers a Kids Camp Program for three weeks at Hope and at least one other week at a nearby community. Parents feel good about leaving their children at Hope as they know Hope will provide a safe, fun and learning environment for their children for a very nominal fee.



Every year Kids Camp is gets and bigger than the year before. In 2015, 200 campers (ages 4-11)  attended our community summer camp at Hope and other nearby locations. We love bringing smiles to so many little faces, but it’s a big job. Our summer camp is being made possible (and wonderful) by more than 40 camp staff members and volunteers: Director of Youth Services, Nilka Melendez, two youth co-leaders, senior and junior youth counselors, and five adult volunteers from the community who prepare food daily for the campers and staff. Most of the counselors are members of Sin Fronteras Youth group or youth alumni. AmeriCorps members also assist in the camp.Kids Camp 2015

Kids Camp gives kids a great time, but it’s so much more! It halts the summer loss of academic skills, helps develop self-esteem and teamwork, provides a first volunteer experience for many young teens, and gives select members of our Sin Fronteras youth their first real job.