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After School Tutoring for Elementary Kids

Each week during the school year, a group of 30 elementary school students comes to Hope CommUnity Center after school to receive homework help, practice reading and math skills, and participate in science and art enrichment activities. Students work with tutors one-on-one and in small groups for one hour each day, two days a week.

Tutoring takes place in our Hawthorne/South campus Mondays-Thursdays from 3:45-4:45PM. Each student is assigned to two days (2 hours) of tutoring: Mondays and Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Space is limited according to the number of tutors. At this time, we have a waiting list.

All of our amazing tutors are volunteers. They come from all walks of life to offer support and encouragement for our tutoring kids and their families. We meet with our tutors regularly to provide training and ongoing support and create a team environment. If you are interested in being a volunteer tutor, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lynn Devanie at (407) 880-4673 ext. 222, [email protected].

Our approach to tutoring is holistic: we recognize that homework and school are only one part of our kids’ lives. Engaging parents and family members in their children’s education is also key. We organize a parent meeting at least once a month to provide parents a space where they can discuss questions and concerns about their children’s education, as well as share information and knowledge with each other. Our goal is for parents to feel empowered to communicate schools and teachers and make informed decisions for their children.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in tutoring, you may fill out a registration form at the front desk of either one of our locations, and you will be contacted by one of our staff members about space availability and a start date.

Contact (407) 880-4673 ext. 230 or [email protected] for more information.