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MOMS Class Celebrates Another Great Semester

The 2014 spring semester of our MOMS class ended this week. On Tuesday, May 20, we held a graduation ceremony and luncheon for the students to celebrate the occasion. Here are some pictures from the event.

DSC08907 copy
As an end of the semester project, all of the students made booklets about topics of interest and presented them at the graduation. Here a student is reading aloud her book about her beautiful red car. Some other women spoke about topics like their children and flowers. For MOMS Class students, the presentations symbolized a semester well spent and the realization of a goal: confidently speaking in English.

DSC08957 copy
“The Life with My Children,” a booklet by MOMS Class graduate, Elena G

(Left) MOMS Class Instructor Marlene Rodriguez assists a student during her presentation. She has been teaching this class for 2 years and has been working with this group of moms every week in January.

MOMS Class is an English language class designed for specifically for parents. This class works to accommodate the schedules of stay-at-home mothers, who have a little free time in the morning after getting their children off to school. Most of the students have little formal schooling, so Instructor Marlene Rodriguez focuses on empower the women by building their literacy skills. Throughout the semester, the class learns the basics of speaking, reading and writing in English.

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