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The GED Program Held Its First Graduation


Our GED program recently held its first graduation ceremony. On Thursday, May 1, Hope CommUnity Center staff and community members gathered to honor 12 GED students that passed the test in 2013.

The festivities began with a traditional graduation march to Pomp and Circumstance. Dressed graduation gowns and smiling joyfully, four of our GED graduates walked across the community room as friends and family looked on. GED Coordinator Ryan Wyatt reflected on the 2013 GED semesters – commending the students for their perseverance and thanking volunteers for tirelessly offering support. Two GED graduates, Sylvia Garcia and Lucio Nieto, gave speeches about their challenges and triumphs in the GED program.

We are so proud of all our GED graduates and the volunteers who help on their road to success. Congratulations Graduates!

2013 GED Recipients
Karime Duenas
Maria Fernandez
Nallely Ruiz
Sylvia Garcia
Lucio Nieto
Jessica Rivera
Marlene Rodriguez
Perla Guereca
Corey St Simon
Cynthia Aguiar
Angelica Milan
Mayra Diaz

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