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Observing Lent with Fasting and Reflection

New English flyer vigil 2

During Lenten season, people set aside some of their material things and fast (or abstain from some of their vices).

This year, our community is taking the spirit of Lent to another level. Hope CommUnity Center families are doing the 40 Days of Pray, Fast and Act for Immigration Reform for a second time. We first did this fast last October and it really energized the local immigrant community. So, our immigration team has decided to reboot it and use the 40 days of Lent to remember the life of Jesus and the struggles of the undocumented immigrants of today.

Throughout the fast, participants have been praying at home and meeting at Hope to reflect together. The fasters most recent meeting on April 12 was a special discussion called the “Jesus the Immigrant” Afternoon of Reflection. They looked at how the struggles related to their immigration stories share similarities with the story of Jesus Christ. Like many of our community members, Jesus was an immigrant (his family fled from Jerusalem to Egypt). His family left their home to escape persecution and find a more peaceful life.

Our last Lenten season gathering will be this Friday, April 18. Hope will be hosting a nightlong vigil to remember and reflect on the struggles of immigrants. Please join us for an hour or two in support of our community’s immigrant families.


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