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Calling for Tuition Equity

A volunteer asking for tuition equity

This week, we are calling on Florida senators to help Florida Senate Bill 1400 (SB 1400) move forward in congress. SB 1400 would allow many Florida students who are undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Florida colleges and universities. Currently, undocumented students are treated like out-of-state students regardless of the length of time they’ve lived in Florida. They have to pay pricey out-of-state tuition rates along with all the other fees associated with college.

Hope CommUnity Center youth seeking higher education face a number of barriers, such as language issues and poverty. We don’t want see unfair tuition rates continue to be an issue for these young people. So, we’re demanding tuition equity (equal in-state college tuition rates for Florida high school students).

Calling for senators

Calling Florida senators

The good news is that so far SB 1400 is doing well in the Florida Congress. The bill passed in the house and several committees in the Senate, but now it needs to pass through the Senate Appropriations Committee before it goes to the senate floor for a vote. At the moment, the bill is not on the last committee’s agenda yet.

So, we’re picking up our phones and telling Florida senators to we want to see SB 1400 succeed. It’s time that Florida gives undocumented students that consider that the state home a better chance at pursuing higher education.

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