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‘A Night of Solidarity’ was a blast

‘A Night of Solidarity’ was a powerful experience. Community activists, students, white-collar professionals, Hope CommUnity Center families and others came together in the name of social justice. The evening that unfolded fed guests’ minds, bodies and spirits.

Some of highlights from the event included:

  • “Breaking Down the Walls of Injustice”, a ritual performance done in honor of the victims of injustice. With a symbolic “wall of injustice” sitting at the front of the room, Hope CommUnity Center and volunteers described the cruelty and suffering has helped hold up the barrier. Everyday struggles for dignity were highlighted in a powerful poem. A procession walked through the audience displaying images of victims and activists from around the world. Two women bravely delivered personal stories of suffering. Finally, in solidarity, all attendees called for the “wall” to be broken down and for more peaceful virtues to prevail.
  •  Martin “Wolf” Murfeus and Mark J. DeMaio provided lively drumming throughout the night. They helped create a compelling soundtrack for our opening ritual performance, and then later they moved audience to get up and dance.
  • Vandy Wood and Aimee Jordan flew larger than life butterfly kites around the room wowing the audience after the wall of injustice dropped.

Procession carrying pictures of people whose lives have been affected by  injustice

Procession participants displaying pictures of victims of injustice and HCC programs that work to address related issues

Larger than life butterfly sailing above the audience

Larger than life butterfly sailing above the audience

Big displays aside, there were also small victories like attendees connecting with new organizations during the tabling fair, guests making new friends at tables and children being exposed to different music. From the abundance of smiles and laughter in the room, we know that everyone got something special out of the night.

The wall of injustice crumbles and reveals new, more just virtues

The wall of injustice crumbles and reveals new, more just virtues

For us at Hope CommUnity Center, this event symbolized a new approach connecting with the Central Florida community. Instead of trying to attract donors with a fancy fundraiser, we decided to hold a spirited but not extravagant gathering focused on fostering camaraderie with fellow activists. The night was focused on social justice – which for many activists is measured by progress on different issues.

Our main social justice issue is immigration reform and we have worked in support of it for decades. However, ‘A Night of Solidarity’ was one of the few times we’ve been able to dedicate a whole event to our fight. As we spoke up for our community, we wanted to invite activists to do the same and come together in solidarity.

Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures of the event.

We recognize the following people and organizations for generously lending their time and resources to make this event possible.

  • First United Methodist Church of Winter Park – Provided event venue
  • Vandy Wood (from the UCF Theater Department) – Designed banner frame and constructed “wall of injustice”
  • Annunciation House in El Paso, Texas – Loaned us the social justice banners

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